How does works?

No other email verification service can match the accuracy of our checks

Our managed email validation service delivers over 99% accuracy in detecting the deliverability of an email address, resulting in far fewer hard bounces in an actual email campaign. We check email syntax, the domain name and the user mailbox.

Results are returned as :
    OK – the email is deliverable
    Bad – the email is NOT deliverable, this will result in a bounce
    Unknown – the email passes the syntax and domain checks,
    but we can’t establish if the user mailbox is live
Please note there are some ISPs that do not allow a user mailbox check. These will be returned with a status of "Unknown".

How work ?

We do complete email verification including :

Syntax - a simple check to ensure the email address conforms to RFC standards.
Domain - a lookup on the domain element of the email address to ensure it is configured to accept emails.
User - the really clever bit, where we check that the user mailbox exists (otherwise known as a SMTP check).
We never send an email during our checks.

Over 10 years development  in email marketing solution from deepblueeyes, Emailvision, EmailR, Interspire Email Marketeer will ensure that we can deliver the most reliable email verification in belgium en europe. To perform reliable email checking at the volumes we deliver is a very challenging task requiring detailed knowledge of ISP behaviour and mail server technology.


The costs are 10 € per 1000 emails, e.g.100.000 emails is € 1000.

We can offer a volume discount of 20% for your second and subsequent orders.

The lead time for 50.000 emails is 24:00 business hours following payment and receipt of your file.

Please supply emails in a CSV file, containing only email addresses, and formatted with one email address per line.
Please advise if you have any questions at all, or would like to go ahead.

Any more questions? give us a call.